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Gshelters CAD school offer several CAD training courses for both students and working professionals of Architecture, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering. Comprising of Free Basic and Special Courses, Gshelters Centre provides the widest choice of software tools and project management concepts that students and practicing professionals can choose from to further their unique career aspirations.

Our courses also addresses the missing gaps between manual and digital design presentation. Trainees are taught at least one design drafting application i.e 2D and 3D that broadens their graphic horizon.

Mode of Study : Part Time and Full Time (Practical)


Curriculum includes: Complete Presentation & Working Drawings using Autocad, Archicad, Revit Architecture, Sketch-up, 3Ds max, Lumion 3D, Photoshop, Architectural Animation.




CADD: 2D Drafting

AutoCAD is the leading app in CAD drafting, and architects around the world use AutoCAD Architecture to create their building plans and models. In this course you will learn how to lay out simple floor plans with wall objects, which automatically form clean joints, and add windows and doors nicely into wall openings. We’ll discuss how things are broken down into tabs, layers, and panels and we’ll take a look at the 2D and 3D user interface and tools we have accessible to us. Once you get comfortable with the interface, we’ll then look at the how to use your drawing, modification and annotation tools in both the 2D and 3D work spaces.

You will also discover how to change the style of walls and the graphics to display all types of drawings—from small scale to large, 2D to 3D—with the click of a button. You will also learn show to create complete construction documentation like site plans, elevations, and sections, complete with schedules and tags.


By the end of this training you’ll have a solid understand of how to use AutoCAD to bring your ideas to life with ease and precision.

Course Fee:  N40,000

Course Duration: Part-Time:- 5 Weeks

Full-Time:- 3 Weeks





ArchiCAD, Revvit Architecture and Google Sketchup are all building design and documentation systems that includes both 2D drafting tools as well as 3D modeling system, it is by far the most efficient way of producing both construction drawings as well as visual presentation works, it works the way architects and designers think and in so aids them in conveying design ideas into a stunning visual form. With a 2D and 3D application your workload is significantly reduced by 50% since it automatically generates a 3-Dimensional view as you work, This will enable the architects and designers do what they love, designing buildings easily by seeing their ideas come to life and modifying them as they see fit.

You will learn how to work in any view that makes sense, quickly and easily making changes to major design elements. You can see your ideas visualized on the fly with 3D views and instant shadows. You can even make late-stage changes without worrying about coordinating your plans, schedules, and construction documents.



We will teach you how to build your 3D modeling skills from the ground up. This training will teach you the core Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques you need to complete solid architectural projects in CAD. Some of the topics to be covered include but not limited to:

  • Exploring the Working environment, and learn to set up a project and add the grids, levels, and dimensions that will anchor your design.
  • Modeling: adding walls, doors, and windows; creating and mirroring groups; linking to external assets and DWG files; and working with floors, roofs, and ceilings.
  • Advanced techniques for modeling stairs, complex walls, and partially obscured building elements, as well as adding rooms and solid geometry.
  • Annotation of drawing so all the components are perfectly understood, and learn how to output sheets to DWF, PDF, or AutoCAD.

Course Fee: N50,000

Course Duration: Part-Time – 7 weeks

Full-Time – 5 weeks

Bundle Pack: Any 3D + 2D AUTOCAD DRAFTING

Course Fee: N70,000

Course Duration: Part-Time: 12 Weeks

Full-Time: 10 Weeks





These compliment your Autocad and 3D Modeling skill with option of 3D max, Artlantis , Maxwell and Lumion. The purpose of this course is to help you develop your ability to improve your graphical presentation of your model. Properly rendered works will look flawlessly stunning to anyone who sees it thereby increasing the quality of the work by a great amount, it is also a beautiful visual presentation that will wow the client and help him better understand what you have designed for him. The course also teaches the necessary skill in camera movement, Texturing, Animation, Light and Rendering plus Natural Environment creation.


After this course you should be able to produce amazing presentations of your models both interior and exterior.

  • Learn the proper way to apply textures in buildings and environment in the most realistic way possible.
  • Rendering settings involved in interior and exterior, amount of radiosity and anti-liaison needed for both scenes.
  • Animate your rendered works with amazing graphics, to better explain the spaces and functions.
  • Learn how to create and modify model objects and their behaviors in scenes.
  • Enhance the quality of your rendered image by using photoshop in post-rendering process, we ill teach you how to properly cut, add and make textures in photoshop.


Course Fee: N20,000

Course Duration: Full-Time – 2 Weeks

Part-Time – 3 weeks


Bundle Pack: Any 3D Software + 2D AUTOCAD DRAFTING + Rendering and Visualization

Course Fee: N100,000

Course Duration: Part-Time: 14 Weeks

Full-Time: 12 Weeks


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