There’s no place like home as the saying goes, today we go the extra mile to make our living spaces even more homier. There are several ways to spice up your living space but wallpapers stands as a wild, sweet and fun way to jazz up a room without adding unnecessary decors.

There’s a certain wow-factor a great wallpaper adds into your interior space, It’s known to conjure up different vibes: subtle romance, vibrant energy, urbane glam etc, it all depends on your preference. Whatever your decorating style, there is a gorgeous wall covering to match it, the possibilities are endless and easily accessible.

We realize taste and preferences vary with each individual, while some might like a jazzy and fun feel in their living space others might prefer a more subtle and cool feeling, with that in mind we gathered a few designs which you might love. Cutesy of Bonclassic_Designs

3D Brick Stone Effect

  • A common but timeless design, brick stone 3D wallpaper still gives the wow effect for both Vintage and Modern decor. Make even the most petite room feel like part of a glamorous hotel.

Whimsical Zebras Wallpaper

  • A whimsical blend of Zebra pattern on a gold background, perfect for a simple washroom, powder room and closets.

Geometric Wallpaper

  • A well-patterned bold design can resonate well with any colors in a space. Works great for most living spaces.


Wavy Textured Wallpaper

  • Soft, inviting, and borderline nautical space makes an easy case for why grey is a calming color for any interior space.

Floral Painting Wallpaper

  • The painted floral effect wallpaper is as sweet as it gets. This pretty wallpaper makes for peaceful calm feel for a nursery or children’s room.

Adventurous 3D Brick Stone and Horse Wallpaper

  • We all know that one person who absolutely loves horses, for the adventurous ones, definitely not for the faint of heart, the contrast of the furnishings is over-the-top in the best way.


Abstract Black Wallpaper

  • Think all wallpaper has to be colorful to be interesting? Think again. Black is beautiful they say, the availability of wallpaper with a neutral black background design makes it easier for blending when new items are added.


Color Contrast Wallpaper

  • The vibrant, eye-catching design creates a daring contrast between the original character of the home and modern graphic design.


 Foliage Wallpaper

  • This lush wallpaper gives us a luxurious taste of the tropics. Genius.

Prague Wallpaper

  • Make even the most petite room feel like part of a glamorous European hotel with this layered print prague wallpaper.


We certainly hope you enjoyed our collection, hopefully it should be enough to get you started, even though the installation might be a bit of a hassle. We advice you to take the time to do your research on how to install properly, or spend a bit to have a professional do it for you.

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