Products and Service

Gshelters represents a body of Architects working hand in hand to provide professional and standard results to clients. Our products and services range from architectural designs, consultation, cad training and so on. On the mission to provide only the best, we’ve had our research team assemble products and services which are distinctively aimed at solving common issues and challenges in the simplest way possible.


Architectural Designs

Our designs are second to none, with years of professional experience and input towards functionality, aesthetics and cost. We have provided a database for our customers to browse through, each design properly categorized. Every design unique in its own way, and easily adjustable to the demands of our clients.

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CAD Training

We offer over several CAD courses for students and working professionals of Architecture, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical engineering. Comprising of special training courses at our office venues, home-service training and our home delivered video training course packaged in series of chapters (playable in DVDs and Flash Drive).

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CAD Video Training

Gshelters, provides a network of franchise-based training centers for Computer Aided Design (CAD), that includes a free video based training series dedicated to those who wish to learn CAD from the comfort of their home. We offer free basic classes to beginners and a full comprehensive course for our premium subscribers.

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How-To Ebooks

To help in developing and improving some skill-sets which might come in handy in the pursuit of our individual goals whether for academic purpose or professional practice, our materials are focused on addressing common problems and issues encountered by most in not just architectural practice but also in general design process.

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Project Consultation

Our Architects and builders are on standby ready to render professional consultations to our clients on their projects. This service includes both site related consult/supervisions and design corrections and modifications, for a reasonable fee you can get an experienced architect working diligently to make sure your project is delivered with quality as well as standard result.

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Architectural Enlightenment

There are people who wish to stay updated and enlightened on architectural matters ranging from medieval to modern style in architecture, news and interesting topics we have a team of writers who are well versed in both theory and practical architecture and are constantly finding wonderful topics you might find interesting. Check out what we have for you today.

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