Landscapes and features are important because they contribute a great deal to our well-being and quality of life. They provide the broader context within which we live our lives. Living within aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes enhances our sense of wellbeing. So for those that plan to give their property a face-lift we have put together a few tips to help you get started.

Establish and Identify Your Needs

You could start small or big depending on your capability, you could start by listing out your needs and wants, that way you will be able to easily know how to proceed. Some of the questions you might want to ask yourself are:
Ask Yourself these:

  • Do your children need a play ground with equipment like swingsets and slides?
  • Would you like to grow vegetables or some kind of flowers?
  • Do you want an outdoor relaxation area?
  • Do you own a dog and would like to provide a shelters for it?
  • Do you want a driveway or a pathway?

Once you have established your needs one of the simplest ways to start is by making very rough sketches of the yard with thoughts of where you want to place these things; this usually makes it easier for you to visualize and play around with ideas without wasting too much resources. Otherwise you could also save yourself the stress and hire an Architect to help you out.


Utilize the Most Out of Your Space

Landscape design should both look amazing and also be purposeful, there are several ways to landscape your space but in some cases the existing natural properties might add great value to your landscaping, here are ways you could properly manage what nature provides you.


In most cases the topographical nature of your land might provide some advantages or disadvantage as the case may be, but its up to you to decide how to manage it. Study the natural factors like the wind patterns, the contour as well as the direction of the sun. You might want to place an outdoor relaxation area (gazebo) on the west side of the house, this is because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west so therefore the east receives more of the suns intensity which might cause discomfort for the users unless a form of shading devices is introduced with a tree or canopy.


Another great strategy is to follow the pattern of your site especially when it’s a sloped ground, contrary to most opinion a sloped ground could make for a wonderful landscape feature, this is because the beauty of every landscape is in its uniqueness thus a slop could introduce variety in the design thereby adding to the aesthetic value of the property especially when properly handled. Sloping is also advantageous in drainage as it naturally solves your flooding problem easily, all you have to do is determine its path and disposal.


Take Your Time and Compare Ideas

While you might like to personalize your property, there might be some things you may have overlooked or forgotten, so it is always a good idea to get suggestions from another contributor perhaps your partner or a friend because they could help you remember anything you may have forgotten and also advice you on ways to develop your ideas easily.


Proceed Sequentially

Anything worth doing is worth doing right they say, so to be sure the outcome of this development meets your dream it is important to take it sequentially and not jump a step, You could start with mapping out the areas for different activities as you have established on your sketches or plans to help you know where everything belongs, so work around from a focal point. Organization is an essential factor in any good design and when it comes to garden design having an anchor point will make the design look organized and attractive, this focal point could be marked with a sculpture, beautiful shrubs, a tree or maybe an additional element like a swimming pool or gazebo etc.


Play With Variety and Repetition

Variety is a wonderful design tool, it makes the observer interested in understanding the concept and as such some people say It’s the trickiest principle in landscape design, variations in size, shape, and color, with tall plants against a building or in the back of a flowerbed, and paths that lead people through the activity areas gives a sense of orderliness to your property.

Repeated elements like shrubs on the side of a fence or guiding a pathway within a curb still has its appeal but you also don’t want it to be monotonous, so try adding an occasional element that’s different from the landscape and it will stand out.

Introduce Landscape Features

These days anything from a swimming pool, fountain and sculptures adds great value to your property, its important to choose properly the way to implement these features in a harmonious way that would make it look great. Fountain or sculpture can be used to mark a focal point then shrubs could be used to curb the area around it, this looks exceptional when used to define the approach view of the property. Additionally other features like concrete vase, metallic artworks and stone might be used to improve the activity areas like the play ground, relaxation area or outdoor barbecue area.

Patience is Key

It can be underwhelming if all you have to look at is bare space filled with mud and the plants still yet to mature but you have to know that it would take some time before your developments can start looking like your imagination so give it time. Also remember to check on your work regularly as it will need constant water and care so as to grow.


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