Its always a fun experience moving into a new home, for most it could be a very stressful venture due to the physical and financial toll that comes with it. No matter how prepared you are before making this life changing decision the challenges both major or minor you face during the project could still leave you exhausted afterwards, so that is why we have put together a few important tips that will ease the process.



With every major life decision its important to take your time and check if the decision would be worth it, so is the case in finding a new home. The first steps would be to make enquiries about the neighbourhood to know if its the proper environment for you, especially for a couple planning to start a family or maybe you already have kids, in that regard the environment should be safe enough for kids to play and socialize in.



This implies the road access from the house to the nearest amenities or facilities, it is helpful to have a direct and easy access to some important places like hospitals, markets, workplace, schools etc. This way it would be easier for you to make the commute to and fro as case may be.


Home Facilities

There are some relevant  amenities needed for daily domestic activities, among which include toilets, kitchen, electricity and water. In most cases though due to financial constraints some of these facilities might lack in quality but if you are content with the available ones then you can make do.


Ventilation and Lighting

Most buildings lack proper or adequate ventilation due to the fact that they are more concerned with creating more spaces than resolving the existing ones, so rooms end up only having one window on one side of the house so therefore making them inadequately ventilated and lighted, this causes so much discomfort for anybody living in that house as there isn’t enough air flow through the rooms it makes it hot, dark and uncomfortable.


Previous Residents

While this might not be somewhat of an issue for most especially if it is a new house, previous residents is one of the things to consider, it is important to ascertain why the previous residents moved out that way you might be informed on any issue minor or major that may affect you while living in the house, especially damages that you might need to fix so you won’t be uncomfortable in your new home.


Financial Budget

We saved this for last since its is one factor that greatly affects every individual or couple deciding to move into a new home, difference in cost of houses may depend a lot on the amenities and facilities as listed above so therefore the better the place the greater the cost but its important not to exceed your capacity otherwise the venture could wreck you financially, however information is knowledge so before you embark on this process consult an reals estate agent to better advice you on locations that properly suites you as well as your budget.


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