In our world today, the continuous increase in industrial advancements and innovations has led to a global community where pollution, disasters, diseases have spread to a maximum range.

Environment-friendly (also known as eco-friendly, green, and nature-friendly) is a sustainability term used to refer to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies that have minimal or no harm on the environment or the ecosystem.

The importance of being eco-friendly or environmental friendly has risen to great heights because the survival of mother earth and all its inhabitants depends greatly on an eco-friendly environment.

The simplest way of becoming eco-friendly is living with an intent which is solely focused on not creating harm to the environment and preventing as much harm from occurring to the environment. The first step to being eco-friendly is by building an eco-friendly environment- hence the need for  eco-friendly architecture.

Building an Environmental friendly environment simply implies the construction of buildings through processes that are responsible for nature. This process covers all environmental sources, from the design stages, approvals, and implementation, construction, materials, renovations, and maintenance, up until the final deconstruction of the building.

The concept of green building complements the classical styles of construction in terms of functionality, cost, comfort, and durability.

The development of new technologies in the construction industry has greatly improved the existing methods of construction which have led to architectural styles that impact positively on human health and friendly environment.

The goal of green and sustainable architecture is to greatly reduce the impact of destroying large natural areas that are used for construction, energy and hydro infrastructure on our environment. The aim is to underline the fact that the uncontrolled and careless use of natura[ resources today will become a serious threat to our life tomorrow. Thus the call for synergistic and well-integrated designs.

Green architecture makes available better ways to designing a building that is energy and material efficient which will lead to saving up natural resources, sustained toxic waste reduction, social and quality improvements with a better standard of living.

One of the main concepts of green architecture is the design of buildings that are compatible with the natural environment. This implies that nature is the primary factor that should influence the architectural process. Buiding forms should be designed to harmonize functionally with the natural environment.

Architects are the custodians of the environment and are saddled with the responsibility of keeping it safe and protecting it from such unwanted events.

Architects all over the world are now following this new trend of green design for the environment because the effects of their design to the natural environment and the society can no longer be ignored. The built environment is the connection between man and nature, and the architect is solely responsible for this connection benefit the both parties.

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