Want to own a dream home, real estate property or acquire a land for future development. At a point in our lives, we all want these dreams, and when you have finally acquired the financial capabilities to carry out these life changing projects, you would have to be sure of every step you take and make the right moves to avoid any situation that will lead to bad investment and loss of money.

Real estate investments, whether it’s building your dream home or acquiring an already built property/ landed property, is probably one of the most expensive ventures you will do for your self. And it’s very rewarding when it is carried out correctly.

The thin line between success and failure of any real estate investment is drawn by the professionals involved in the project.

One of the professionals that should be your companion and guide in taking bold real estate steps is an architect. While virtually anyone who has watched a video tutorial or has received an informal training can draw up plans and call themselves a building designer or an architect, the term ‘architect’ can only be used rightly to refer to a professional who has acquired all the necessary training and has been registered by a board of professionals.

An architect is a licensed professional who is specifically trained and qualified to design and supervise the construction of buildings, provides advice both aesthetical and technical, in the built environment. This definition rarely explains the roles of an architect to a building project as the success or failure of every building construction lies on every decision made in the planning stage that is extensively managed by the architect.

So if you need to build or renovate your home, acquire an already built property or a piece of land and you are probably inexperienced and want to avoid mistakes, the following reasons are why you need to hire an architect.


Why hire an architect with a ridiculous bill of 8 to 12% your entire project when you can easily download a building plan online and get a roadside contractor to execute the construction and save a lot of money? This mistake has cost people a lot more money and has increased the number of inappropriate and unbefitting building projects in our society today.

Hiring an architect saves more because an architect prepares greatly detailed and accurate drawings that significantly reduces design mistakes thus the probability of construction mistakes and mishaps are greatly reduced. This approach makes it easier for the contractor to correctly calculate the actual cost for an entire project without mistakes or irregularities.

It does not make good economic sense to try and cut corners on the design and construction of your building project, trained and talented professionals will help you avoid mistakes that would be very costly, and can guarantee that the home you build will suit your taste and lifestyle.


Yes, you can rely on an architect to make the right decisions in your best interest. Building a home is a personal matter and you need someone that will represent your plans effectively. The architect is a licensed professional who has a career and reputation to protect, a professional figure who can be your agent and take care of your interests throughout the project.


Where do your family love to eat and relax? Do you need a private chapel in your home? How do you like your bedroom? What is it you dislike most about your current home? All these questions are the basic considerations in every architect’s plan for a building construction.

Architects, like lawyers and doctors, are specially trained professionals who have completed university programs, passed a series of rigorous internships, interviews, exams and training which cover all the areas in building construction, ranging from interior design to structural engineering.

Armed with the necessary training, architects are able to see possibilities and find solutions to your needs. While a contractor will find the quickest ways to adapt to requests, a good architect anticipates your needs and transforms them into an architectural expression that will comply with building and city codes and the best construction procedures and practice.

The process of building your dream home can be challenging and intriguing. You need to be properly guided by a professional through all the stages to avoid any unforeseen and disastrous mishaps because the end result of the building construction will tell on your life and your family for a long time.

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