The design process is a very important component in the construction of a building whether it is a residential, commercial or an industrial building. At this stage, the architect/ designer conceptualizes the entire building and even before a stone is laid on site, the designer has already pictured the completed structure.

Building components and elements are major factors that differentiate building types, you cannot find a bell tower in a country home or a patio in a mosque. Every good designer should have great knowledge of building elements because what makes the difference in most building designs we find in glossy magazines and the poor looking buildings we find around us today is the architect’s ability to combine building elements and produce an amazing design that is aesthetically pleasing to every onlooker.

In this modern day of living, the contemporary movement and technological advancements have no doubt affected every aspect of our lives. In the world of architectural designs and interiors, every smart architect should be in touch with the contemporary flow and incorporate this changes in building elements to his designs.

For your designs to stand out as a successful architect, you have to creatively manipulate building elements and spaces that will result in amazing designs. Laid down below are various building elements which every designer should have good control over.


Every good designer makes good use of natural materials in the design very beautiful and natural interior and exterior spaces. Natural materials such as wood, rock, slate, cotton, wool, bamboo and other nice textiles, when incorporated into building designs creates a feel of nature and will help the users feel at home. Instead of natural materials to be used just for furniture, designs can make use of natural and organic materials for doors, floors, claddings, decorative elements and for your interiors.


One of the most important ingredients of excellent designs is the colour usage and combination. A competent designer should have a good command of colour usage and combinations, the knowledge of how to match colours and effortlessly make colours blend with each other is very vital in every building designs. Some designs very stick to 2 or 3 colour variations will some may choose to make their designs more vibrant by using as many colours as they possibly can.


The contemporary and modern age of living has made way for innovations in the building industry. New materials and components, with a better process of construction, are now available to the disposal of architects and designers.every component architect and designer should frequently be updated on this changes and have a good knowledge on how to use this material in the design of a building.


The designs of an architect might be put to death during the construction stage of a building project. The combinations of all these elements without the knowledge of the appropriate construction system will make the efforts of the designer futile. Every competent designer should have great knowledge of the right construction process to be employed for a given building project in other to achieve the desired results

Hire a competent architect today who has great knowledge and experience in the use of building elements and you too can own a building that will exceed your aesthetic expectations and have a good return for your investment.





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