life’s full of so much uncertainty, variables, and excitement that half the battle is riding the wave and adapting as best as one can. Some adjustments are self-directed and others are forced upon us, but regardless of this, change allows us to reminisce, regret and reflect on what once was.

Being an architect comes with its own set of significant life changes (and that’s in addition to that major wardrobe overhaul) which more often than not, can’t be helped. So much of the person you used to be will be amended, the days of relaxation will be over, relationships, lifestyle, socialization, and most of all a redefined perception on things around you. A new life begins which is replaced by multitasking, models, meetings and presentations. Lower Institutes aim to  inculcate basic and fundamental knowledge needed to continue towards higher learning which is where we generally develop our career aspirations then earn basic life discipline which will help in life goal pursuit, sometimes even that might not be enough to fully prepare you for the moments of crippling panics and stress involved in architecture though Despite what you might hear, architecture school is terrific, because after architecture school you will absorb a lot of helpful life disciplines most especially being able to stand up in front of a lot of people and talk and easily convince anyone why your idea is top-notch. Lets take a moment and look at how life has changed, for better or for worse, since that fateful day you stumbled upon architecture.


Let’s Reminisce:










There you have it, though despite the level of stress involved common sense would have you believe that the more you do something, the more familiar and comfortable it becomes – so whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as they say, it will eventually add to your strength in your life goal pursuits to become resourceful. What is your experience, share with us?




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