Architectural Visualization is simply the art of producing graphical presentation-drawings that enable us comprehend the intentions of the Architect for a particular project. It ranges from two(2) dimensional plan drawings to three(3) dimensional perspective presentations.

At a point, whether you are a student or a practicing professional, you will find need to produce one of these, either for academic purpose or for the use in convincing a client about a particular delivery option. In order to do this, some basic knowledge of one or more CAD software /application package is pertinent. Yes, of course you could always hire an Architect to produce this for you (if you do not already posses the skill set necessary to deliver it) each time the need arises.
However, if you are young and still capable of doing your own drawings, it is wiser to settle for a simple drafting tool that will enable you market your ideas faster and more profitably to your client(s). There are plenty of reasons why you should know a 3D drafting package.

Consider these:


  • Make Great Presentations

Visual speaks louder than words they say. Presentations that feature one or more three(3) dimensional elements seem to captivate clients more than those that mostly contain text and too much technical details. No matter how functional your space planning is, If the client does not see enough visual content in the form of pictures, slides, videos, etc you may still struggle at convincing him. But try splashing some pictures here or there in-between the slides and watch him fall in love with your Architecture.


  • Explains Your Works Easier

Sometimes you have a great idea, a really awesome one, but you just can’t find a way to relay this to a client or your principal. You end up trying to explain more than you need to. If only you knew a way to depict exactly what you intended for the building to look like, maybe you wouldn’t have to rely on someone else who may produce something short of it. This is why visual aid is important because it instantly gives the client an idea of what your proposal might look like, not to talk of the aesthetic appeal.


  • Save Money

Given that the ability  to deliver on schedule is an architects greatest discipline, this is very handy for Mop-Up Presentations with tight Deadlines. Some CAD applications automatically generates a 3D view simultaneously as you are accurately drafting the 2D floor plan. This is a very time efficient feature as it can help you deliver on a tight deadline. Although, Rendering times may differ for different packages according to the degree of finishing required, with the right PC configurations and a little training you can still deliver your projects in good time. Moreover to help you speed-up your rendering works you can choose to get a work efficient PC.


  • Make Some Cash

Who says you can’t make some extra cash rendering projects for your team members and others. Everyday, everywhere, somebody needs a 3D visualization Consultant to produce either still images or video animated walk-through for a project or another. You can be the one who gets that call and delivers as required. You will be amazed at how much money this will translate to at the end of the month, every month, if you take it seriously.


  • Become Resourceful

Become the goto guy when it comes to 3D visualization, the ‘go-to’ guy for all things “Archi-Viz” in your company, school, team or neighborhood. When you have built your reputation by consistently delivering on several projects, then you will become the sage. Everyone will come to respect your authority nd skill, soon you will find yourself more important than you thought, because you have actually succeeded in carving a niche for yourself.     


Are you an Architect? What 3D software are you using to make your work easier?


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